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Notify Technology is the latest organisation to become members of the Safer Highways Family

Notify Technology is the latest company to partner with Safer Highways as a member, joining an ever-growing list of companies that are choosing to prioritise safety, health and wellbeing across the UK’s highways infrastructure.

Who are Notify, and what’s their story?

Notify Technology are the pioneering creators of mobile-first health and safety software. Since 2017, the company has been focused on developing simple, smart, secure software that helps organisations manage safety, health, environment and quality compliance – and increase employee engagement. In that time, they have grown a client base in over 100 countries around the globe.

Notify is on a mission to eliminate paper-based processes and transition SHEQ management into the digital sphere. Notify delivers a complete health and safety management package to multinationals, plcs and their SME supply chains.

A collaborative approach

Working closely with innovative organisations such as Siemens Mobility, Ringway Jacobs and Velocity Patching, Notify delivers software that meets the needs of organisations operating in the Transport & Mobility sectors. Developed to run as Software as a Service (SaaS), the platform features are regularly updated based on client feedback.

Notify’s founders - Duncan Davies and Andy Dumbell - have a long association with transport, having previously worked on software for connected and autonomous vehicles, and building technology solutions for the vehicle insurance sector. Notify is building on existing skills in Big Data and the Internet of Things and combining these with expertise in Machine Learning as part of a collaboration project with Northumbria University. The output will be intelligent software that uses both human and sensor inputs that will start to deliver predictive capability to Notify’s growing client base.

An ambitious mission

Notify’s global mission is to make a billion people safer at work. Through their easy-to-use smart health and safety products, Notify IM [Incident Management], Notify AI [Audits & Inspections] and Notify RA [Risk Assessments], the Newcastle-based company makes it easy for clients to configure health and safety reporting and management for their specific business. Smart dashboards provide real time trends and analysis and offer actionable insights.

Up to 10X increase in safety reporting

Notify’s groundbreaking approach to software design means that clients can see up to 10X increases in safety event reporting. Workers at ground level feel empowered and listened-to through using Notify’s simple-to-use mobile apps and intelligent workflow that provides feedback in real time. Clients benefit from a much richer set of data along with the vital ability to prove compliance and control should the unexpected happen.

By signing up as a member with Safer Highways, Notify is able to broaden its access to cutting edge resources around mental health in the workplace, health and safety in the transport industry, and to other companies that are open to collaboration. Safer Highways members are proud to work together to create safer roads for all.

Duncan Davies, CEO of Notify, said, “We are truly excited to be signing up with Safer Highways. Our values are very much aligned, and it is great to see so many companies committing to making health and safety a bigger conversation within their teams. At Notify we champion health and safety conversations, so by working with Safer Highways, we can broaden our horizons and have more of these conversations with like-minded company leaders. Ultimately, this is about making people safer on the roads – and together we can make this happen.”

Want to know more about Notify? Find out how Notify can transform your company’s health and safety systems here.

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