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North Northamptonshire Council start consultation on Sustainable Travel to Education strategy

Parents/carers, students, educational establishments and other stakeholders are being asked to share information on how children and young people travel to school and education to help shape a new Sustainable Travel to Education strategy for the local area.

A new draft strategy looks at how children and young people can travel to all educational settings in a more sustainable way, but North Northamptonshire Council is asking for input to gather a better picture on current habits and barriers to using more sustainable travel.

All Local Authorities are required to produce a Sustainable Mode of Travel to School Strategy, with the legacy strategy for the local area produced in 2015.

The proposed Sustainable Travel to Education strategy supports educational establishments, students and parent/carers to travel more sustainably for all journeys to education. It supports healthier and more active lifestyles for staff, students and parents to improve their health and wellbeing whilst bringing benefits to the wider community, including higher footfall for local businesses, tackling issues with parking, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

The survey looks at how children and young people currently travel to all educational settings, why they use their chosen mode of transport, preferred methods of transport and methods that would encourage walking or cycling. Respondents can also provide comments on the draft survey, before all feedback is collated and the final strategy is discussed at Executive later in the year. This new draft strategy has been produced in line with national requirements, but also to reflect the needs of the community and the council’s priorities. To shape the strategy further, it is now asking for the view of residents alongside insight into current modes of transport, including what prevents children and young people from using more sustainable methods to travel to all educational settings.

Cllr Scott Edwards, the council’s Executive Member for Children, Families, Education and Skills said: “The benefits of walking and cycling to school and education are enormous, but there are often barriers. This strategy will help the council identify ways it can improve and provide active and sustainable travel options across North Northamptonshire.“

Cllr Jason Smithers, the Leader of the Council: “As the council looks to reducing carbon emissions across North Northants, it wants to consider all aspects and this strategy sets out how sustainable travel and transport will be developed, plus an action plan identifying priorities, timescales and resources needed.“

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