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National Highways and FCB London build motorbike from titanium body parts

National Highways has created a functioning motorbike with medical-grade titanium body parts to highlight the risks of motorcycling.

Created by FCB London, the bike incorporates the titanium body parts normally used to piece together riders after an accident

.The bike was manufactured by Old Empire and the campaign aims to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on England’s roads.To get this message across, the bike will tour multiple events such as the London Motorcycle Show and Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show.

A team of bikers, who have the same components in their bodies after being involved in collisions, will accompany the bike.The bikers will also tell their stories and help National Highways open conversations about road safety with this particular motorist group.

A 38-second film shows close-ups of the bike in the traditional style of automotive ads, spotlighting the sleek and stylish design. However, an X-ray selects one part of the motorcycle and indicates how it is actually something used to repair broken bones.

The film ends with the line: “Bikes repair easier than bikers.”

It was directed by Richard Oliver through 456 Studios and will run on National Highways’ own channels as well as websites and at event spaces.

The campaign was art directed by Greg Harvey and written by Mike Mackenzie.Alison Holliday, head of marketing and events at National Highways, said: “Safety is at the heart of everything we do and this truly unique piece of equipment helps us to engage in dialogue around biker safety.

“Using creativity and engineering to raise awareness of road safety, this project is a brilliant example of how different people with different skills can come together under a common purpose.

“We are very excited to tour the country with this bike and look forward to the conversations we believe will help to inspire about improving safety for everyone using the roads.”

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