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Milestone completes Oxfordshire’s largest ever surface dressing programme – 1,011,803 m2 of roads treated in 42 days

As part of its highway maintenance contract with Oxfordshire County Council, Milestone Infrastructure has successfully completed an ambitious programme of county-wide surface dressing, treating 1,011,803 m2 of roads over 42 working days. This is equivalent to roughly 300 lane kilometres or the distance from Oxford to York

Surface dressing is a cost-effective highways maintenance measure which, on average, extends the service life of a road by 8 to 10 years. It is one of many nationally recognised surface treatment options available; these vary in cost and suitability, and selection is determined by factors such as the road’s underlying condition and volume of traffic.

Milestone worked closely with its client Oxfordshire County Council and sub-contractor Hazell and Jefferies, to carefully plan and programme the surface dressing work in the most time and cost-effective way. However, surface dressing is very weather sensitive and consequently 13.5 days were lost due an extremely wet April and May period – some of the wettest ever recorded. Despite this, and a further day lost due to local elections, the programme was completed just 8 days behind schedule, thanks to a huge effort from all involved.

Oxfordshire’s 2024 Surface Dressing programme in numbers:

*1,011,803 m2 of roads treated in 42 days – with 19,000 man-hours worked in total

*300 lane kilometres treated – equivalent to the distance from Oxford to York

Materials used:

*17,400t of aggregate

*2,060,000 litres of bitumen emulsion.

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