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Maintenance & Installation Operative, Seb, Saves The Day

Maintenance & Installation Operative, Sebastian Perrin, went above and beyond recently whilst out working on the network.

During a routine street lighting maintenance task, Seb overheard loud cries from across the street which turned out to be a panicked mother whose young child was choking.

Reacting calmly and quickly, Seb ran over to the toddler’s aid and performed back blows and chest thrusts which he learnt about in the mandatory first aid training course that all our Street Lighting operatives attend.

With the paramedics arriving promptly, it was discovered the young boy was in fact having a seizure which, if not for Seb’s calm and heroic approach, could have been life threatening that day.

Seb visited both mum and child the following day to see how they were getting on; this was then followed up by two of Seb’s colleagues going to see Anna the following week to see if she would kindly tell her side of events for this wonderful story.

Anna Steinbach, the toddler’s Mother said:

“I was so grateful that your worker Seb was there that day. He done more than I could do in that moment, he did back blows on my son and asked a neighbour to call an ambulance.

“After a few minutes my son started to come around whist we waited for the ambulance. It was also so nice of Seb to come back the next day to see if my son was ok. I just want to thank him for all that he did for my family that day.”

Seb said:

“I was so happy I could help and to have been there. Having first aid knowledge aided me to be able to assist Anna and her son. Thank you to Milestone for putting us on this important course that potentially saved a young boys lift that day.

Milestone said :

"We would like to congratulate and say a huge well done to Seb and we’re thankful he was in the right place at the right time. With his proactive approach, this story has a happy ending."

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