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M49 ghost junction finally set to be joined to local roads

The roundabout cost up to £50million to build and has stood like a white elephant for three years

The infamous M49 ghost junction is finally set to be brought into use, with councillors expected to grant planning permission for a 160-metre link road next week. National Highways spent £40million to £50million to build the roundabout above the motorway between Severn Beach and Chittering, intended to be junction one.

But it has stood unused and unconnected to the local road network or the huge Severnside industrial estates and distribution centres since it was completed in 2020. Plans for the much-needed link road were submitted earlier this year and £7million of funding secured from the Department for Transport.

South Gloucestershire Council cabinet also approved the use of compulsory purchase orders(CPOs) to secure the necessary land, which had a variety of owners, which it could not acquire through negotiation. Now the planning application is going to the strategic sites delivery committee on Thursday, November 23, where officers are recommending approval.

The report said this would ease pressure from HGVs and other traffic using the A403. It said the short stretch of new road to link the junction was never completed “due to unforeseen circumstances”.

No street lighting is proposed along the link road. The report said the plans were strongly supported by Pilning & Severn Beach Parish Council, MP Luke Hall and local business group Severnet.

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