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'Look at the state of it' Biker video shows crumbling UK roads full of potholes

'We have to pay for MOT test to make sure your vehicle's fit for the road and the roads aren't even for the vehicles'

A motorcyclist's horror over the state of his local roads has been laid bare in a startling online video - with hundreds of people saying it's the same story where they live.

A reddit user posted a short video of himself riding on roads with potholes and huge gashes on the surface.

The biker can be heard saying on the clip: "Look at the state of it. Sorry, I don't mean to winge, but that is unacceptable. We have to pay for MOT test to make sure your vehicle's fit for the road and the roads aren't even for the vehicles."

The post on the CarTalkUK subreddit called 'Why isn’t there more of an uproar regarding the condition of our roads? Some of these potholes pose a real danger to motorists' has attracted almost 250 comments. and nearly 500 upvotes.

You can watch the video below

Although the footage was filmed in the Burnley area, any Reddit users said similar scenes could be witnessed where they live, while noting that council budgets have been cut.

User three_shoes added: "The repairs aren't even good either. Patchwork mess of mismatched tarmac and heights etc. Even when a road is fully redone it's bad, some done recently near me are all wavy and bumpy despite relaying the entire road, then there is this seam in the middle that is just ready to be chipped and dug away at which will create potholes within a couple years easy."

According to recent research, the shortfalls in pothole repair budgets among local authorities in England and Wales have reached a record high. Councils said they only received two-thirds of what they needed during the current financial year to stop local roads further deteriorating, the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (Alarm) survey found.

This resulted in a total carriageway maintenance budget shortfall of £1.3billion — a jump of more than a fifth on the previous 12 months — and represents the highest figure in 28 years of Alarm reports.

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