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Liverpool City Council seeking consultants for £240m four-year highways framework

Liverpool City Council is looking to put together a professional services framework for road projects over the next four years.

According to a prior information notice published last week, the council is looking to procure services for a four-year period starting in January 2022.

Various lots are to be covered, including project design services and site support, project management, health & safety, cost consultancy, traffic regulation orders consultancy, transport planning, and miscellaneous.

Four to six suppliers will be sought for each of the various lots.

Various highways programmes have been live in Liverpool over the last year, including a works programme around The Strand led by Graham’s civil engineering arm, and a year-long overhaul of Lime Street started in October 2020.

Disclaimer: This article was not originally written by a member of the HighwaysIndustry.Com team.

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