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Interserve resurrects Tilbury Douglas name in rebrand

Interserve Construction and Interserve Engineering Services are to formally rebrand as Tilbury Douglas Construction and Tilbury Douglas Engineering, marking a new era for the business.

The rebrand reflects the final stage in the revival of the construction business, which is now targeting £500m revenue this year as Tilbury Douglas.

The business will continue to focus on delivering building, infrastructure, engineering and fit-out projects across the health, education, justice, government and infrastructure sectors, primarily for public sector clients.

Tilbury Douglas is a well-known historical name in the construction and engineering sector, with a lineage dating back to the London and Tilbury Lighterage Company Limited in 1884.

Paul Gandy, managing director for Tilbury Douglas, said: “Tilbury Douglas is a well-recognised historical brand in the construction sector and now represents our purpose of being a trusted construction and engineering partner, locally focussed and nationally strong, chosen for our commitment to customer needs.

“With a dedicated regional network of offices and with an outstanding track record in delivering projects, we are here to help deliver for clients and communities – building a better future together.”

Last year Interserve won over 84 projects totalling £465m, including 28 healthcare projects and 16 new school projects, featuring nine Special Educational Needs schools.

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