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Insights - Highway Care - Operation Brock

In December 2020, the innovative Moveable Barrier Machine was deployed onto the M20 J8 – 9 for Op Brock Preparation as part of the Kent Resilience Forum.

The aim of this project was to keep the movement of the M20 in both directions open throughout the cross channel disruption.

Highway Care’s Commercial Director, Miles Boyd takes us behind the scenes of the major project for road safety.

“How many people does it take to deliver a major project such as Operation Brock?” A: Five departments and nine teams, that’s how many!

“How long did it take the teams at Highway Care to complete such an undertaking?” A: 47 days on site and around 3,760 working hours accumulating in the project delivered three weeks ahead of program.

“What sort of planning does it take?” A: Plan for Risk, Run the risk, Review the risk, mitigate the risk and then run the model again, every hour spent planning our efforts alongside the delivery Alliance “off-site” was 10 saved “on-site”.

Collaboratively working with your operational partners as though they were your own staff & work colleagues is the ONLY way of delivering todays demanding schemes safely, competently and compliantly.

“What kind of challenges did our Operational Delivery Services (ODS) team face?” A: People Plant Interface (PPI) with tight time windows of execution and working alongside multiple disciplines in confined spaces this mantra is key – work smart & work safe. Op Brock also brought its own challenges to the table with Storm Bella, Covid testing and “bubble” working alongside mounting stationary traffic brought on by the closing of the French borders.

“What were we most proud of?” A: Words of sincere gratitude from Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Secretary of State for Transport and those from our client Balfour Beatty. “The efforts and dedication of the Highway Care team to help us and Highways England dealing with such a sensitive and dynamic situation is much appreciated.” George Pargeter, Project Director, Balfour Beatty. “Their input with innovative technical solutions for cross over gates and permanent sockets for anchoring crash cushion to the main carriageway, were pivotal for the success of the project.” Inês Eiró CEng MICE, Project Estimator.

“The end result?” A: Another successful & seamless deployment of our Road Zipper QMB barrier system and all our ODS team home safe, sound and ready for the next challenge.

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