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Industry comes out in support of the Bobby Colleran Trust.

Multiple organisations across the sector Wear Blue For Bobby.

Across the highways sector multiple organisations yesterday supported the Bobby Colleran Trust by wearing blue for Bobby.

Organisations such as Swarco Hitex and indeed industry body LCRIG showed their support for the campaign across social media by dinning blue t-shirts.

The Bobby Colleran Trust was created following the fatal accident on 24th October 2014 of a young boy called Bobby Colleran. Bobby was on his way home from school, walking along his school road with his mum Joanne, when he was knocked over and killed. Bobby was just 6 years old.

The trust was set up to bring awareness of ‘Road Safety’ to drivers, parents and children and ultimately help to prevent further loss of life in the vicinity of schools and other busy roads in and around the Liverpool area.

Bobby’s family found that Child Bereavement Support Counselling was significant in helping the children to better understand their loss and grief and to develop coping strategies to manage anxieties, fears and sadness.

The Bobby Colleran Trust’s Bereavement Support provides:-

  • One to one work in schools, Children Centre’s, and other local Child and Young People’s facilities.

  • Loss and grief support is provided in both primary and secondary schools from reception to year 12.

  • Family workgroups for Parent / Guardian/Carers related to bereavement, loss and separation are facilitated.

  • Family bereavement and loss support/therapy plays a valuable role in supporting children and young people in their bereavement and grief.

The Counselling Team led by an experienced qualified children’s counsellor provide their therapy in creative ways, often spontaneous, involving artwork, music, role play, storytelling and dance in addition to talk therapy.

To learn more about the Bobby Colleran Trust and how you can get involved, please visit the website here.

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