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HW Martin and Tilbury Douglas amongst five more sponsors added to highways HEROES Awards

Industry Awards go from strength to strength just weeks after launch.

Safer Highways are delighted to announce a further 5 sponsors for this year’s inaugural highways HEROES awards, bringing the total to 15, just 6 weeks after the launch.

The five new sponsors are HW Martin, one of the UK’s most forward thinking traffic management companies, Tilbury Douglas, Clearview Intelligence, Breedon Contracting and specialst drainage contractor Drainline.

The Highways Heroes Awards come after a time of unprecedented change not only in our industry, but as part of our everyday lives. Safer Highways believes this is the ideal time to celebrate the hard work and success of our workers, who have coped admirably in the face of adversity, to recognise the heroic actions of them which, until now, has gone unnoticed.

Taking place in Central London on December 2nd the awards will recognise those who have gone above and beyond their duty, to help someone or improve a situation, either in the communities they work in or to unconditionally support fellow workers in their team.

Whether its saving someone from danger or risk of injury, helping a member of the public to safety, or supporting a team member in the face of abuse, you or a member of your team could be named a Highways Hero as part of this new and unique awards.

The Highways Heroes will be judged by their peers, led by Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways and Joe Docherty, Vice Chairman of the organisation.

For one of the new sponsors, HW Martin, the announcement comes at a very poignant time as Dave Shaw, Director of the organisation explains,

“The highways HEROES awards came about from our membership’s collective desire to recognise those who have gone over and above, shown exceptional human kindness or remained professional and carried out their job in times of adversity.

“The latter can be applied to one of our own people who just a few days ago was the subject of abhorrent abuse from a member of the public who struck one of our vehicles on the M40.

“The incident was in no way shape or form the fault of our colleague and yet he was subjected to inhumane levels of expletive littered abuse.

“The vehicle driver remained calm and did not retaliate and as such the situation blew itself out.

“That individual averted a potentially serious situation by his actions and was rightfully lauded within our organisation.

“The highways HEROES awards give us, as an industry, the opportunity to recognise our colleagues in the same way as we did one of our own and that is why I, and my organisation, are proud to support it.”

Phil Clifton, Managing Director of Balfour Beatty echoed these sentiments, he said: ‘We’re proud to help the industry recognise those that have gone above and beyond the call of duty and look forward to their stories inspiring us all to continuously look for new ways to improve health, safety and Wellbeing.”

Adding to the sentiment Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways, added: “I am absolutely delighted with the way that industry has responded to our Highways Heroes Awards. This is something the highways sector has very much taken to heart, and this has been reflected in both the number and calibre of sponsors we are announcing in this second wave and those we have yet to announce. At a time when our industry has faced enormous challenges yet continued to deliver in times of adversity, it is vital that we recognise our people we put to work are the most important thing.”

Entry is simple via an online form at the website

Alternatively click below to nominate a colleague.

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