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HRS’s Customer Communication Terminals are changing the way they interact with customers. Their focus on improving customer satisfaction and experience of works has seen them recently nominated for a Highways England award in the category Excellence in Customer Service.

Customers can be severely impacted by temporary roadworks, especially when they live close to or even within the area where the works are taking place. Communicating effectively with customers trying to navigate around roadworks or getting to their home is therefore essential to prevent frustration and potential harm to roadworkers.

HRS has worked closely with stakeholders in road and rail to develop intuitive and simple to deploy solutions that have a proven track record in reducing incursions, improving customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency. It is this key stakeholder engagement that has allowed them to meet changing requirements of various site needs yet keeping the solution consistent to their customers and to their Business.

Understanding the road user has also been a key element in developing solutions that benefit there experience and in doing so reduce the risk to them and to the site workers.

Interaction and communication are key factors in improving customer satisfaction of works and that means their product development has the end customer at the forefront of their solution.

For more information on the benefits of HRS’s Customer Communication Terminals take a look at their brochure

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