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Hitex rebrands to SWARCO HITEX

Following its acquisition by Austrian multinational traffic company SWARCO in 2021, Hitex Traffic Safety has rebranded to SWARCO HITEX LTD, reflecting the name of parent company.

The new company name will also see a change in packaging across the Hitex range of products, with new product branding being rolled out across 2024. The move will also see amendments to existing Hitex product names to align with SWARCO’s product portfolio.

The company says SWARCO HITEX will “still provide the same high quality product portfolio of road marking solutions, with the added benefit of a wider knowledge pool and easy access to more road marking systems already proven outside of the UK market”.

Konstantin Niederer, Managing Director at SWARCO HITEX LTD said: “We are delighted to complete the final phase of rebranding Hitex Traffic Safety, the new name retains the well respected Hitex brand, while also aligning our company closer to our parent organisation SWARCO AG. Adopting a single brand name sets out a clear message to both our UK and increasingly global customer base”.

SWARCO started out in 1969 manufacturking tiny reflective glass beads, and has now grown into the world’s largest systems provider for road markings.

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