The Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group (SCSLG) and Highways England endorse the full implementation of the HE passport scheme to evidence training and competence.

The HE Passport scheme has 2 parts:

1.     The Smartcard/System, a single database accessible by all applicable license holders with the ability to record training, competence, tool box talks, notify expiry dates, data sharing and migration on individuals moving between Service Providers that can be read by a variety of mobile or fixed access card readers;

2.     The Highways Common Induction (HCI), to provide a baseline understanding of the common hazards on the Highways England network, reducing the induction process repeated on every project by removing the content that is common to all sites.


During a proof of concept phase for the passport scheme more than 500 employers (80% of them have less than 100 people working on the network) joined the scheme and more than18,000 cards were issued and those who introduced the passport scheme found that:

  • A consistent and common standard had been driven up across sites: allowing users to access basic records on site and instantly record on-line Tool Box Talks or site training, reducing paperwork processing time significantly.

  • It provided more efficient and effective ways of working for T2+ suppliers: reducing induction time by eliminating the common elements that will be covered by the Highways Common Induction, provide consistent levels of assessment and recording of competence, avoiding having to buy their own system

  • It provided everyone who requires access the HE network with clear awareness of sector specific risks and hazards in a consistent manner, flagged any individual work restriction that the PC should be aware of, facilitated the recording of working/ journey times, and who is on site (self-check-in option available) across contracts/schemes

  • It enabled workers to view a copy of their own full record

  • It provided access to site rules – at a manageable project or site level

A new version of the Highways Common Induction (HCI) is being developed to reduce duplication, raise awareness of the sector specific risks and hazards therefore helping to reduce accident rates.

To create an account on the passport system or find out how to request cards, please contact Mitie helpdesk:he.validate@mitie.comor call 0330 726 0225

For information about Highways Common Induction: Details will be published soon

For general enquiries, please

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