They believe no one should be harmed when travelling or working on the Strategic Road Network and we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, supply chain personnel, road users and stakeholders: home safe and well every day. All Service Providers and Contractors working for Highways England are required to use Airsweb to report and record accident and near miss investigations. In order to support this, Highways England’s National Health & Safety Team has developed a library of guidance material to assist Airsweb users with how to perform a variety of processes within Airsweb. ​A new standard has been produced, GG128, which defines the requirements for reporting of incidents, see below. The guides are designed to provide users simple, step by step instructions on how to perform a variety of tasks such as;

  • Loading an Incident

  • Loading hours worked

  • Uploading an action

  • Completing an incident investigation, and many more.

If you require any further information on Airsweb please contact:

GG128 Standards For Highways - Requirements for reporting of incidents (LINK)

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_–_recording_an_observation.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_-_recording_hours_worked.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_-_completing_an_incident_investigation.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_-_accessing_and_exporting_incident_records.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_–_recording_an_incident.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_-_accessing_and_editing_hours_worked.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_–_recording_an_action_against_an_event.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_–_uploading_a_stand_alone_action.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_-_accessing_and_exporting_action_records.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_-_completing_an_action.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step_–_recording_an_incursion_incident.pdf

Download File highways_england_supply_chain_airsweb_guidance_-_step_by_step__completing_a_safety_alert_action.pdf

Download File


Download File

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