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Hampshire County Council gives green light to 19 highways improvement schemes using £8.45m ‘Network North’ funding

Nineteen projects, including road resurfacing schemes, have been given the go-ahead using Hampshire County Council’s share of the Government’s reallocated ‘Network North’ HS2 funding.

In October 2023, the Government confirmed that Hampshire would receive an additional £4.225m in 2023/24 and £4.225m in 2024/25 to be ringfenced for the maintenance of local roads, pavements, cycleways and bridges.

Councillor Nick Adams-King, Cabinet Lead for Universal Services at the County Council, said: “In common with most other local highway authorities across the country, we are experiencing unprecedented numbers of issues on our local roads which, combined with rising costs, means we are having to do more with less available money. Therefore, we welcome the additional funding from Government which will enable us to accelerate the delivery of 19 larger resurfacing and repair schemes across the county, adding to work that is already planned for the coming year. These improvements will make the sites more resilient to the impacts of extreme weather, helping to prevent the recurrence of potholes and other defects. In addition, we are also investing more of our own budget into road repairs. Since April 2023, we have deployed this additional resource to fix over 142,000 road defects including potholes and other issues.”

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