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Galliford Try Highways earns Blue Star for innovative safety initiative

Galliford Try’s Highways business has been handed a Blue Star award by National Highways for utilising a unique safety initiative.

The award was given for the use of a state-of-the-art mobile CCTV unit on the M56, which has a unique built-in detection function for stationary vehicles. This device utilises an AI system, which will enable the CCTV operator to react more quickly to broken down and stranded vehicles in live lanes.

In addition to the device’s prime function in detecting stationary vehicles, other benefits of the mobile CCTV unit solution include fast deployment, minimal required space, and no need for infrastructure due to 5G usage.

This technology is the best way of protecting the travelling public and help protect lives when travelling at high speeds through our roadworks, demonstrating Galliford Try’s commitment to continually improving the safety measures on our projects to protect the lives of its people and its customers.

David Lowery, Managing Director for Galliford Try’s Highways business, commented: “We are proud to accept the Blue Star Award for our implementation of a mobile CCTV unit on our M56 site. Awards such as this one, are testament to our commitment to innovation at Galliford Try, and we will continue along the path of utilising the latest technology to make our sites safer for all.”

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