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Galliford Try announced as principal sponsor of Highways Heroes Awards 2022

Galliford Try step up to lead the supporters for the second annual industry-wide Highways Heroes Awards.

The Highways Heroes Awards are proud to announce Galliford Try as the principal sponsors of this year’s ceremony.

Supported by many of the most forward thinking organisations in the sector, and set up after a time of unprecedented change not only in our industry, but as part of our everyday lives, awards are the first time the supply chain and the client body have come together to recognise the value and importance of those unsung heroes we put to work everyday.

We believe this is the ideal time to celebrate the hard work and success of our workers, who have coped admirably in the face of adversity, to recognise the heroic actions of them which, until now, has gone unnoticed.

Whether its saving someone from danger or risk of injury, helping a member of the public to safety, or supporting a team member in the face of abuse the highways heroes’ awards recognise individuals who have coped admirably in the face of adversity, to recognise their heroic actions.

Freya Wells, co-founder of the Highways Heroes Awards said: “Last year was a breakout year for Awards where we recognised the unsung heroes from within our sector, many of those people had never had the opportunity to experience an event of this size and scale; making it an incredible evening for not just the winners but also those who were shortlisted.

“I am really proud that one of our leading lights and one of the organisations who truly uphold the beliefs of safer highways and improving standards for those we out to work on a daily basis and recognising them for going over and above has shown their commitment by agreeing to be a principal sponsor.”

Taking place in Grosvenor House on Park Lane, London on the 7th December, the awards will not only recognise those who have gone above and beyond their duty, but also those that have helped someone or improved a situation, either in the communities they work in or to unconditionally support fellow workers in their team.

Nominations for the awards will open on Monday 9th May 2022 with submissions to be made via the website

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