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Former Highways Hero praised for actions following RTC

Former Highways Hero praised for rapid response following RTC.

Former Highways Heroes award winner Emlyn Bullivant has received praise from a member of the public following an RTC which occurred on the A1 earlier this year.

Emlyn, who is an employee of Carnell Support Services, witnessed an RTC where a motorcyclist came off of their bike and was sent carrying down the road with footage captured on safety cam.

In the incident the motorcyclist loses control of his vehicle and is thrown to the side of the road whilst his bike careers down the carriageway at speed in from t of him.

Luckily there were no causalities.

In a letter to Mr Bullivant's employer following the incident the motorcyclist, Ben said,

"“I just wanted to thank Emlyn Bullivant for his quick response to the incident and checking that everyone was ok when I had an unfortunate incident near one of your safety vans.

"Fortunately, I was the only person involved and Emlyn was there to offer first aid for some minor scrapes and bruises.

"He was then kind enough to offer a dry seat out of the pouring rain whilst I was awaiting recovery, he even offered a hot drink to keep warm which helped. Overall Emlyn's actions made a somewhat terrible situation become manageable and the whole experience would have been a lot different without him.

"I cannot thank him enough for his actions on that day, he is a gent and a great credit to your team."

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