FM Conway Celebrates 60 Years.

The 25th of October marked a special for Civils Contractor FM Conway as it celebrated 60 years of trading.

What started as a very small family-run business, with the headquarters being the lounge , is now a leading infrastructure services group working to deliver prestigious projects such as the highest level of recycled content (70%) ever used on the strategic road network.

Held in high esteem for their family ethos amongst employees, FM Conway began life in the town of Dartford before relocating to Sevenoaks in 2015.

Even after 60 years the organisation still holds true to its family values with various initiatives forming a key part of the organisation, such as its support of World Autism Awareness Day, which encourages people to raise awareness about people with autistic spectrum disorders throughout the world.

Celebrating the company’s 60th Birthday their own social media channels issued the following statement,

“60 years ago today, on 25th October 1961, FM Conway Ltd was born when Frank Conway, father of Michael Conway MBE, made the bold decision to start a new business.

“Today, we are still that proud family-business operating with the same passion, grit and determination – just on a larger scale. And our strapline, ‘great people : great work’ still epitomises who we are.

We are a business steeped in history and one of the keys to our success has been that we do not standstill. Whilst we celebrate today, and in particular all the great people who have made us who we are today, we look forward to tomorrow and the many more journeys ahead of us.”

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