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Flannery launches training boot camps for plant operators

Flannery Plant Hire are proud to now be offering the Skills Bootcamp in Plant Operations as an option for entering a career in construction plant.

Aimed at new entrants and existing machine operators, the Skills Bootcamp in Plant Operations for Plant Operators is now recruiting learners.

The firm has secured funding to train 400 drivers at boot camps on three sites – two on HS2 and Dunton Wharf in Birmingham.

The not-for-profit venture is an extension of the hirer’s successful Operators Skill Hub scheme which launched last year in association with Balfour Beatty.

The new programme is open to all construction companies, plant hirers and individuals to either train new entrants or upskill existing operators.

The Skills Bootcamp is free to join and offers a flexible training schedule. New entrants receive a CPCS card on completion after receiving enhanced ‘site ready’ training that is designed to build up sector-specific valuable skills based on local employment needs..

Director Patrick Flannery said: “Our apprenticeship scheme has been running since the Operator Skills Hub launched in 2021 and securing this funding means we can offer another option for entering a career in construction plant.

“Finding skilled operators is always a problem and initiatives like this are a great way to deliver the right sort of training focused on the skills required on site.”

An initial pilot scheme will run from this month until March 2023 and everyone attending boot camp will have a guaranteed offer of a job interview upon completion of the training program.

Flannery said: “The overall aim of the Skills Bootcamp in Plant Operations is for all successful learners to receive an offer of a new job or have access to new opportunities and contracts that utilise the new skills they have acquired.

“These skills include how to work sustainably with an eco-operating module, and having the next generation of operators already trained in this when first coming on site will further improve our carbon output within the industry.

“This will offer employers operators that directly meet their requirements from the day they start on site because they are trained to use rollers, forward tipping dumpers, dump trucks, 360 excavators, dozers and more. ”

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