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Excellence across the highways sector recognised in National Highways Industry Awards

Experts from across the highways industry have been honoured for their outstanding efforts to keep the country’s busiest roads operating safely and efficiently.

Individuals and companies were recognised for their exceptional contributions to the sector last night at the National Highways Industry Awards in Birmingham.

The awards ceremony, which was staged at the city’s International Convention Centre, recognised a series of achievements over the last year covering areas such as outstanding customer service, safety, innovation, the environment and skills.

National Highways Chief Executive Nick Harris said:

“Our network is critical to the smooth running of the nation, playing a vital part in everyday life and powering the economy. It is our absolute priority to make our roads as safe, efficient and clean as they can be while providing an outstanding service for people who use them and live or work in the surrounding communities.

“It's been another busy year for the highways sector and we’ve seen everyone involved rise to the challenge. Congratulations to everyone for your efforts this year and thank you for taking part in these industry awards.”

This year, there were 15 awards and the winner for each is as follows.


1. Making a difference for our customers: Costain Jacobs Partnership – driving for change 2. Customer focused network management: AmeySRM – M6 junction 19 beam installation 3. Customer focused team of the year: Balfour Beatty Atkins Customer Team 4. Customer focused champion of the year: Jon Pettman – Traffic Management Manager, M6 junction 19 improvement scheme 5. Outstanding contribution to the highways industry: Tony Scutt


6. Excellence in sustainability, environment, and carbon reduction; through the implementation of a technological change: ORIS 7. Excellence in sustainability, environment, and carbon reduction; through the adoption of a behaviour change: Kier Highways – A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool, changing sustainability culture 8. Outstanding design innovation, using research and development to create efficiencies and continuous improvement: Extrudakerb (Maltby Engineering) Limited – A63 concrete barrier 9. People, skills and cultural excellence: Balfour Beatty Highways – social value approach 10 Leadership, and effective planning and project management during the COVID-19 pandemic: Costain – A19 Testo's junction


11. Exceptional contribution to workforce safety – Projects over £50 million: Kire Highways – A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool going home safe every day

12. Exceptional contribution to workforce safety – Projects £50 million or under: Connect Plus – developing a common and consistent standard of testing and inspection for IPV safety cushions

13. Exceptional contribution to road user safety: FM Conway – a transformational approach to occupational road risk

14. Excellence in safety learning and culture: Osborne Infrastructure Limited – Stop Think! training transformational change

15. Outstanding contribution to health, safety and wellbeing: Connect Plus working in partnership with Steve Perkins Associates – healthier highways on the M25

For more information about the awards, visit the website at:

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