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Eurovia wins prestigious TechFest Award!

Eurovia and partners Highway Data Systems were delighted to receive the Product Innovation of the Year Award at the prestigious #TechFestAwards in London.

Sponsored by the New Civil Engineer and Construction News, TechFest is considered the UK's most important event for companies involved in construction technology and is a fantastic final award show for the team to have been recognised at following their previous wins at the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) and the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) earlier in the year.

Eurovia and HDS have been working together to digitise the road construction process, reducing costs for clients and putting worker safety at the forefront of all highway construction and maintenance operations. In this use case, the team were recognised for the development of a highly innovative method for improving quality control during the installation of Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) materials.

HRA is a high sand content surface course material which is strengthened by the addition of pre-coated chippings which are distributed across the paved material by a Chipper spreading machine. The spread rate of the chippings is essential to create skid resistance and to ensure the longevity of the road surface. Eurovia UK and HDS developed a system that uses infra-red photography to remove the requirement for measuring this spread rate manually, helping to remove the risk of workers interacting with rollers and dramatically increasing the scale and accuracy of the quality measurements.

As the first company to employ this type of technology, Eurovia have cemented their position as the number one partner for local authorities in the UK who deliver the country's most essential infrastructure.

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