England fans warned to not drink and drive as arrest cases rise during the Euros 2022

Euro Fever has been gradually consuming the UK population since England won their first group match and after an incredibly distressing 15 months, the country’s shared excitement is wonderful to see. However, whilst not wanting to be seen as party poopers, we must recognise the detrimental impact this celebratory culture is having on road safety. Following England’s initial victory on the 13th June, forces across the country have reported severe increases in drink, drug drive arrests, including Warwickshire Police who reported 8 drink drive arrests in one evening. On the lead up to Saturday’s match against Ukraine, officers in Somerset charged 2 individuals for drink driving and following England’s tremendous win, Essex Roads Policing team arrested 11 drivers for being impaired behind the wheel. These figures are absolutely shocking and show a blatant disregard for road safety.

Throughout the pandemic, the UK has relied on the transport and logistics sector to keep everything moving. However, there has been little discussion around the wellbeing of drivers, with many now feeling undervalued and stressed. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that during the Euros individuals are letting their hair down, partying with friends and increasing their alcohol consumption, to relieve some of the pressure they have obtained over the last 15 months. We therefore understand, that as an employer you will be reluctant to add additional scrutiny, to your already strained drivers, by engaging in ‘the morning after’ conversations surrounding drug and alcohol use. Whilst these conversations can sometimes be perceived as uncomfortable or complex, as an employer you have a legal, moral, and social responsibility to ensure your drivers are fit to get behind the wheel.

Not only does this keep your workforce protected but by ensuring their safety it keeps you as managers safe from prosecution and preserves the reputation of your company.

So, in the wake of last nights result, will you be screening your employees when they arrive at work this morning?

With England through to the final on Sunday (hooray), the atmosphere across the UK is going to be nothing short of electric. However, with this in mind we ask you to share this simple message with your employees. Do not get behind the wheel whilst impaired, walk, get a taxi or organise a lift. Football’s coming home, make sure you do.

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