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DVLA bans new 74 number plates 'in duty to keep UK roads polite'

A new list of banned DVLA number plates has been unveiled as fresh designs are set to be released. The list, procured through a Freedom of Information request, looks to protect the public from taking offence as drivers who breach the rules could face a fine of up to £1,000.

Plates that have been banned from the 74 release include references to violence, such as S74 BBR (stabber), S74 BBY (stabby) and AT74 CKU (attack you­). Among the designs banned include BE74 END, BL74 WJB, BO74 CCK and BU74 SHT.

Other offensive phrases blocked by officials will include TT74 WAT and WW74 NKZ. UB74 TCH, AN74 USA and AT74 CKU will also be removed from production, according to the experts ahead of new plates being launched by the DVLA.

RegTransfers added in a warning to motorists and drivers up and down the country amid the ongoing Cost of Living crisis: “The DVLA faces a tough, ongoing battle to find a balance between people's right to free speech and their duty to keep the public area polite.

"As society evolves, so does the language and symbols considered offensive, and while there may be disagreements about some decisions about what is offensive or censorship, the goal is to apply standards without violating people's rights.

“People will definitely keep talking about these kinds of rules, which are a reflection of bigger issues like morality, freedom, and respect in our constantly changing society.” Replying to the ban, one driver said: "Sounds very childish to me. I don't see anything wrong with most of them.

"Obviously takes a nas tee and dir t ee mind to see them." The DVLA launches new plates twice a year. The full list of banned number plates totals 150 with drivers urged to buy appropriate plates from registered bodies ahead of the changes.

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