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Drivers warned they’ll get points and a fine for ignoring Red X

The Central Motorway Police Group has issued a tweet warning drivers they face punishment for driving under Red X signs on the M6.

Officers were dealing with a crash on the motorway near Stafford on Monday 2 January and the signs were closing lanes to allow for recovery.

However CMPG Tweeted that more than a hundred vehicles “that “didn’t bother” to obey the signs and that they should, “expect a letter in the post with some points and a fine attached”.

“Red ‘X’ means lane closed, probably because someone is in danger,” they added.

National Highways says that people caught driving under a Red X could receive a fixed penalty of up to £100 and three points, and in some cases “more severe penalties or a court appearance”.

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05. 1. 2023

Shame that CMPG didn't realise that it's the DRIVERS that didn't obey the signals rather than their vehicles :-(

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