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Drivers warned new 'brake check' speed cameras to hit UK roads

The new cameras can tell if you brake just before them

It's the age old dance: you see a speed camera, and you see a host of drivers ahead of you slamming on their brakes to drive through it just under the speed limit, before accelerating away past the painted lines zone.

But that little trick could soon become a thing of the past as a set of new high tech speed cameras are set to be introduced on UK roads.

The new fangled cams will be able to detect drivers slowing down into the camera thanks to 'anti-braking technology'.

The cameras have been trialled successfully in Spain and could mean any motorist braking hard in the camera zone could be in just as much trouble as those speeding through them.

The new cameras work by putting a mobile radar device in a different location to the fixed speed camera. That allows it to detect drivers who speed up just after passing the first camera – after initially slowing just for the camera.

Road Angel founder Gary Digva told the Express: “From the information I have, this technology will probably be making its way over to the UK towards this part of next year.

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