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Driverless cars take step closer to UK roads after 'trustworthy' study

Self-driving vehicles have made a step closer to British roads as a new project looks to "make sure AI in cars is trustworthy"'. The Massdrive (Methods for Assurance of Self-Driving Vehicles) project at the University of Surrey has been created to help aid a smooth rollout.

The University of Surrey has received funding to help create robust methods of approving and certifying self-driving cars as they become available. Dr Saber Fallah, Professor of Safe AI and Autonomy, spoke out over the move.

Dr Fallah said: “Massdrive is all about bringing together industry, scientists, regulators, and the public to begin a conversation about how we can make self-driving cars safe for our roads. Our main goal is to make sure these vehicles are safe.

"We want to create strong connections between car makers, people who set the rules, academics, government groups and local communities. By having regular discussions, workshops and meetings, we're creating a space where everyone can share ideas and good ways of doing things, focusing particularly on making sure the AI in cars is trustworthy.”

It comes months after an automated vehicles bill has been announced in the King’s Speech, one of 21 bills which the government says will be its priority over the coming year or so. Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, said: “Our new Bill ensures safety is at the heart of our plans to see self-driving vehicles on our roads, making the UK a great place to develop this technology.

“We have the opportunity to put the UK at the forefront of a fast-growing, multi-billion-pound industry by providing the clarity and certainty for business to develop and invest in this exciting technology.” Transport Select Committee chair, Iain Stewart MP, said: “I applaud the Government’s promise of bringing forward legislation on self-driving vehicles that will help the UK to realise its place as a world leader in developing these technologies – a view shared with us from a range of voices in the transport sector.

"But we also urge the Government and industry to ensure passengers with accessibility needs are not left as an after thought when these technologies are applied to public transport, as is far too often the case."

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