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Darlington road sign with Newton Aycliffe misspell replaced

A road sign leading out of Darlington which directed drivers to somewhere that doesn’t exist has been replaced.

The Echo reported last August how the sign, on North Road, pointed motorists to “N’th Aycliffe”.

The only problem was that North Aycliffe doesn’t exist.

The blunder was branded ‘shocking’ and ‘embarrassing’ by some while some questioned how long the mistake had gone unnoticed.

Another said: "North Aycliffe?? Where's the sign for how far South Aycliffe is?"

But the misspelled sign has now been replaced with drivers correctly being directed to the nearby town of “N. Aycliffe”, or Newton Aycliffe.

Darlington MP Peter Gibson said: “I’m pleased to see that the ‘North Aycliffe’ sign has been corrected and replaced with a new sign by Darlington Borough Council.

“Amazing that the wrong sign had been in place for years.”

A source previously told the Echo that the sign, complete with posts, could cost up to £175 to replace.

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