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Council to spend nearly £10m on city's roads

Nearly £10m is set to be invested in Wolverhampton’s roads during the coming financial year, the council has said.

The cash boost includes an extra £500,000 to tackle potholes in the city, which will be added to the council’s existing budget for this issue.

Wolverhampton City Council said the funding would cover a range of projects in 2024-25, with proposed work that included resurfacing roads and improving streetlights.

The council said it would carry out the work under the next phase of its highway capital programme, which has a budget of £9.7m.

Since 2020-21, the highways programme has delivered more than £30m worth of improvement and development work.

For the coming financial year, the council said proposed work also included improving city centre signage and conducting structural reviews of bridges.

The plans are pending approval and will be discussed at the council’s cabinet meeting on 20 March.

The authority added that this year it planned to complete its work on converting older streetlights to LEDs, in order to reduce carbon emissions.

More than 24,550 streetlights have already been converted.

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