Costain to offer clients low-carbon option in bids

Costain is pitching to lead the industry’s carbon efficiency drive by offering all new and repeat clients alternative low carbon options when bidding for work.

The firm said that by 2023 every solution delivered for clients will propose at least one low carbon option.Costain set out its decarbonising service offer in a climate change action plan published yesterday.This commits to deliver low carbon solutions, including tackling ‘Scope 3’ emissions, to every client by the start of 2023 and to be net zero by 2035.The plan is focused on a whole life-cycle approach, eliminating its clients’ and supply chain’s emissions as well as its own.

Specialist firms and designers will be encouraged to develop decarbonising solutions as part of the game-changing offer.During the delivery stage, this could involve the use of hybrid plant, or once the asset is operational through the incorporation of technologies such as geothermal heat piles or heat recovery systemsLara Young, Costain group carbon manager, said:

“This is like value engineering, but through a carbon lens rather than a cost lens.“We won’t be waiting for clients to ask the question, instead we are aiming to prompt it,”She addded: “The aim is to educate everybody in our in-house teams and supply chain to look at what they can contribute, whether it is through process, design or materials.”

As part of the move, all subcontractors will be required through their terms and conditions to collect telematics to help build up a picture of carbon use.

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