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Costain’s water team makes a splash at multiple industry awards

Costain and its partners, Jacobs, Mott MacDonald Bentley and Farrans Construction, have won two important industry awards, both of which demonstrate a commitment to carbon reduction in infrastructure projects and creating a more sustainable future.

The award wins were for the Strategic Pipeline Alliance (SPA), where the companies work for Anglian Water Services. SPA is creating an interconnecting pipeline, hundreds of kilometres in length, as well as associated infrastructure to move water from areas of surplus in northern Lincolnshire to the drier south and east of the East of England region. It is one of Europe’s largest environmental projects and one of the UK's largest construction projects, and will help secure water supplies for years to come.

The awards recognised SPA's disruptive carbon approach and its project design optimisation, which is on track to achieve a capital carbon reduction of 65%.

At the 2023 National Sustainability Awards, SPA secured the Carbon Reduction Award, showcasing its commitment to creating a more sustainable future. At the 2023 British Construction Industry Awards, SPA won again, claiming the Carbon Net Zero Initiative of the Year award. These marquee awards look to reward innovation in the built environment sector, and recognise excellence in project delivery and, crucially, the delivery of positive outcomes for society.

Costain’s water sector director, Gerard Shore, said: “These awards recognise the amazing work our team, together with our partners, have undertaken as part of the Strategic Pipeline Alliance; it’s terrific to see people receive the credit they deserve. Costain has been playing its part as a company, a service provider, and a good corporate citizen to create innovative solutions, reduce carbon emissions and make our work more sustainable.”

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