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Controversial Clevedon road layout review launches

Strong opposition from locals has led to a review into controversial changes made to a town's seafront roads.

North Somerset Council introduced a 20mph one-way system and a 400m segregated cycle lane along The Beach in Clevedon last autumn.

Some residents complained the markings were "confusing" and that having less parking would harm seafront businesses.

North Somerset council leader Mike Bell said the council was "not hiding away from this".

'Best intentions'

"We know this scheme has elicited strong feelings for and against, it has been a controversial scheme and there's been problems in the implementation of it," Mr Bell said.

"We're not hiding away from this, we're absolutely taking the criticism on the chin and trying to find a way forward.

"Nobody went into this trying to annoy people, it was done with the best intentions and the key now is to listen and reflect.

"I'm really sorry that we've ended up in this situation and I do apologise to the residents and businesses, that they had to fight and resist this scheme in the way that they have."

Susannah Shaw, a Clevedon resident, said she was in favour of the new cycle lane.

She said: "I have recently got an electric bike and I'm in favour of cycle paths, just to feel that bit safer."

Richard has lived in Clevedon for the past 14 years and is worried about the proposed changes to the seafront.

"I appreciate the facility of a traditional seafront, where people of all ages can come and enjoy the sea," he said.

"A lot of older people get driven here, look at the sea and go away again."

The review launched on Monday and will run until 25 September and is run by AECOM.

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