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CLICK is the sound

Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of death for drivers by 50% yet 4 unbelted young people were killed or seriously injured every week in 2022.

In 2022, 30% of car occupant fatalities among 17- to 29-year-olds were not wearing seat belts. Young men are more likely to be inconsistent wearers of seat belts, with research highlighting a particular issue on short and familiar journeys at night. To help tackle this, THINK! is launching a new seat belts campaign to encourage young men to wear their seat belts, whatever the journey, whether they’re a driver or a passenger. The ‘CLICK’ campaign aims to shift attitudes and behaviours around seat belt wearing by using an audible and visual reminder that something as simple as ‘clicking’ your seat belt save your life, and the lives of your friends.

The campaign speaks to male drivers aged 17-24 and is backed by extensive research into the motivational levers that apply to young men. ‘CLICK leverages the power of social consequences and relatable scenarios to show what young friends risk missing out on if they don’t belt up.

‘CLICK’ will run across social, radio, digital audio, digital display, and contextually relevant out of home (OOH) sites for 6 weeks from March to April 2024. We are also launching a new filler radio advert for public broadcasting via Cabinet Office.

If you’re a partner willing to suppo add your logo to – select ‘Get this’ below to download the assets. Assets are free for our road safety partners to use for educational purposes, however if you would like to use the templates for paid or commercial opportunities, this may involve additional usage costs – please fill out a usage request form to help us determine this.

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