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Cheshire West and Cheshire Borough Council seek delivery partner for £400m contract.

Cheshire West and Chester borough council have commenced the process on a tender which could be worth up to £400m across the length of the contract.

The authority is seeking to appoint a contractor on an initial 7 year contract which could rise to 15 years by virtue of two additional four year extensions.

Annually, the contract is worth up to £20m, however, this is subject to fluctuations depending on scope, funding and grants.

To highways-related works, services and consultancy, there is also the option to broaden out to include any structures, vehicles, equipment, supplies, software, systems and waterways. It may also include environmental, heritage, training and other consultancy work.

It will include any work related to highways, transport and environment that the council deems suitable for including in the contract.

The contract is not divided into lots with deadline for submitting tenders is 2pm on 12 August.

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