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Ceredigion County Council urges drivers to keep roadsides clear

A Campaign is to be run along the A487 and A44 roads in a bid to stop motorists from littering.

Ceredigion County Council is urging drivers to keep their conscience and our roadsides clear as part of a new national campaign by Keep Wales Tidy.

With more vehicles than ever before on our roads and a significant increase in our food and drink on-the-go culture, roadside litter is a growing problem in Ceredigion.

It is harmful to our environment and wildlife. It ruins the beautiful views for locals and visitors alike, whilst also being difficult, dangerous and expensive to clean up.

Wales Tidy’s new campaign encourages drivers to have a guilt free journey with no regrets and ‘Drive your litter home’.

The nationwide campaign is being run as part of Caru Cymru, led by Keep Wales Tidy and local authorities to inspire people to take action and care for the environment.

As part of the campaign, outdoor advertising will appear across roadside litter hotspots along the A44 and the A487 such as roadside billboards, back of buses and petrol pump adverts.

Advertising will step up a gear during busy weekends and bank holidays over the summer months to target as many drivers as possible.

Keep Wales Tidy has also developed resources for haulage companies and other commercial drivers to utilise.

Keep Wales Tidy Chief Executive Lesley Jones said: “We’re putting our foot down on roadside litter. Not only is it a blight on our beautiful country, and often the first thing visitors see when arriving into Wales, but it also has a significant impact on our environment and wildlife. We estimate that the cost of collection and disposing of roadside litter in Wales is at least £3.5 million every year.

“Our new roadside litter campaign takes ‘do the right thing’ up a gear by highlighting how littering makes people feel. The vast majority of drivers know that littering from their vehicle is unacceptable, and we want everyone to have a guilt free journey with no regrets.

“When you’re out and about in your vehicle please leave nothing behind you. Keep your conscience and our roadsides clear by driving your litter home or disposing of it in the nearest bin.”

Caru Cymru has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

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