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Car Parks have "Damaging Impact" on organisational reputation and deter a return to the office

The survey highlights the importance of well-maintained car parks – © Apiguide-Shutterstock

Businesses that overlook the importance of well-maintained parking facilities could face damaging their overall reputation, according to a report.  

You Can’t Park There, a study by WJ Group, line markings, surface treatment and highway safety specialist, shows that nearly two-thirds (63%) of 501 UK drivers surveyed report that poor line markings and/or surface quality or line markings negatively affect their opinion of an organisation. 

The results reveal that one in three people between the ages of 35 and 44 would be deterred from coming into the office by poor parking facilities. With more pressure than ever to ensure facilities are filled and offer a place where people want to work, the report explains the negative impact neglected car parking facilities have on drawing people back to the office.  

Wayne Johnston, CEO and founder of WJ Group, said: “With hybrid working and increased expectations of employees, facilities managers are under more pressure to ensure people make best use of the organisation’s buildings. The results of our survey highlight the importance of well-maintained car parks to an employee’s working environment and their overall happiness – which may come as a surprise as it is something that is perhaps not often considered.” 

Larger cars 

The report also explores the impact that the trend towards using larger cars is having on parking attitudes. WJ’s research found that SUV drivers were almost twice as likely to consider leaving a job due to inadequate parking facilities. The same group was also far more concerned with clear lines, while over half of respondents driving SUVs said a lack of clear spacing had affected their mental health, making them more anxious when parking.   

Johnston added: “On the surface, it’s easy to understand why parking facilities might be neglected, yet our survey findings show that it is having a negative effect on visitors. Add in the fact that car parks are often the first touchpoint for anyone visiting an organisation, the issue can no longer be ignored. This year offers facilities managers and building owners an opportunity to refocus their attention on car parks.“

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