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Call for overgrown grass on A1 slip roads in Stamford and Lincolnshire villages to be cut by National Highways

Long grass on slip roads off the A1 is causing a danger to drivers, according to a councillor.

National Highways is being asked to cut back the overgrown grass blocking visibility for drivers merging with the A1 at Stamford on the A6121, A606 and A43.

While roads are usually maintained and upgraded by local councils, the A1 is the responsibility of the Government’s National Highways as it is considered such a major route.

Councillor Richard Cleaver (Ind), who represents Stamford at a district and county level, first noticed the long grass when embarking on a drive northbound to Grantham.

He said: “Drivers are not able to see any traffic on the main road.

“If the grass is high you have to come to a complete halt on the slip road so you can look before you then pull off from a standstill.

“It is quite clear it is a visibility and safety issue.”

Although he has noticed it as an issue previously, Coun Cleaver admits it is the first time he has ‘stuck his ore in’ and asked for action.

More than a quarter of drivers said they missed important information that compromised theirs or someone else’s safety due to overgrown foliage, according to survey from the RAC.

A National Highways inspector visited the slip roads on Wednesday (June 12) and has instructed contractors to mow the grass. A date for this has not been confirmed.

A number of complaints relating to other slip roads joining the A1 in Lincolnshire have been lodged on FixMyStreet, including reports for North Witham, Long Bennington and Foston.

The Colsterworth Esso garage has also asked for the trees and bushes bordering the A1 to be cut back as they are blocking the business and the advertised fuel prices from the view of drivers.

Lincolnshire County Councillor responsible for highways, Richard Davies (Con), says the locations where there are safety issues which cause crashes should be the priority on the A1.

He added that National Highways isn’t always as responsive to concerns and complaints as the council.

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