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BT-HS | 2nd Birthday celebration comes with a pledge to customers

As birthdays go, they all deserve to be celebrated. April 2020 sees a 2nd birthday for BT-HS, a leading UK provider of specialist traffic management and highways vehicles.

Formed in 2018 BT-HS has seen 2 years of continued growth, as the company now enters its third year, it still has a continued outlook for growth and upwards development.

Amidst the current pandemic and unsurety we are all facing, companies are continuing to have to adapt to the changing workplace safety requirements. Social distancing guidelines enforced by the government have resulted in companies seeking to find a solution to the placement of multiple operatives into the same vehicle. Due to this BT-HS has seen an increase in demand for their vehicles across the board.

BT-HS: Safety and Quality

With that said, BT-HS are making a promise that this increase in demand caused by the pandemic will not be taken advantage of, as the company pledges that hire rates will not see an increase.

Director Phil Glaiser told us:

“As a company, we want to make sure that all our customers and potential new clients know that they will continue to receive the same high levels of safety and quality vehicles from BT-HS, including our continued dedication to service back up at the same price. We have no intention or desire to change our pricing profile due to an increase in vehicle demand”
“Whilst the increased demand for vehicles is undoubtedly positive on paper for BT-HS, we are very aware of its root cause”

The 2-year journey

The company has seen major changes and milestones since its inception, including showcases at major exhibitions and internationally recognised accreditations like FORS Silver Hire accreditation, ISO:9001, ISO:45001, Avetta and BVRLA membership.

In addition to the vehicles on their hire fleet, BT-HS has also seen continued growth in their vehicle conversions for customers.


Phil told us:

“Our hire vehicles have only been one facet of our business: they are the showcase of what we are able to produce as a company. We have been constructing bespoke traffic and highway vehicles for customers since our inception. In fact, the very first vehicles we built were destined for customers’ own yards and not our own fleet.
“Producing vehicles directly for customers is something we are very passionate about. You will be seeing more and more of BT-HS vehicles that have been built for our customers hitting the roads in 2020 and 2021.”

To the future

Looking to year 3 and beyond, BT-HS will be improving on their hire fleet profile by adding more vehicles and diversifying their range further.

This year saw the additions of more IPV’s, 7.2t, 3.5t and 4×4’s – the latter which coincided with Highways England procuring the same vehicle for their fleet also.

Apparently, a few conceptional vehicles are in the pipeline which is a collaboration with BTHS and their customers. They are working on a development project that they are predicting to be on the market this coming year. An idea which they believe will improve operative safety in, on and around vehicles.

Phil added:

“In 2019 we introduced the 3.5t vehicles and 4×4 range to our fleet, and these products, along with the IPV’s and 7.2t vehicles will continue to grow going forward”

Phil went on to explain:

“With the 4×4’s, we had the idea of speaking with a manufacturer of 4×4 vehicles with the view of collaborating on a highways product.

“The Musso from Ssangyong is an absolute box ticker. We extensively tested the vehicle before we made the decision as we wanted a product that we could build conversions onto for customers and to place onto our hire fleet.”

“We are also currently working on a project with one of our customers on a construction design which is planned to be on the network this year. It’s an exciting idea that we have been looking at moving past concept stage since day one. It’s primary focus is on improving safety which is our priority above anything else.”


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