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Brighton and Hove City Council to resurface miles of roads

Miles of roads across the city will be either treated or resurfaced to tackle potholes and other wear and tear.

Work has already begun on Brighton and Hove City Council's road repair programme which is set to improve the condition, look and feel of many of the city’s roads.

Between now and next spring, miles of road will be either treated or resurfaced and dozens of traffic signals will be refurbished.

This work is in addition to concrete road repair works taking place in the Bevendean area, which will be extended to include three more roads in October/November.

Parts of Valley Gardens have already been getting what is known as a “surface extension treatment” recently advocated by the RSTA.

This involves putting down a spray that restores parts of the road which are eroded over time.

It can be used every three to five and extends the life of the road by five years. This cuts the cost of ongoing maintenance, but also reduces the carbon impact.

The work is being funded by National Highways following a successful bid for funding.

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