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Bradford roads crime police hail 'fantastic results' with more than 500 arrests

A Bradford police partnership dedicated to tackling anti-social driving is stepping up patrols in the city as it marks five years of the campaign.

Operation Steerside launched in 2019 to target offences including the dangerous use of vehicles such as quad bikes.

Since then, police have seized 2,322 vehicles, issued more than 11,500 penalties and arrested 520 people.

The partnership sees West Yorkshire Police work alongside Bradford Council, the fire service and schools.

A spokesperson said: "Operation Steerside is a testimony to the effectiveness of agencies working together."

'Fantastic results'

To mark the operation's fifth anniversary, it has organised a "week of action" that will see officers patrol across the district.

Other results since 2019 include detecting 348 untaxed vehicles, 2,186 people being summoned to court and 151 breaches of the Public Space Protection Order.

Insp Nick Haigh said: "These fantastic results truly show the partnership's commitment to tackling the anti-social use of motor vehicles across Bradford District.

"We know that dangerous driving is a significant concern to residents and whilst we carry out patrols seven days a week, this week will see an enhanced response with additional resources and support from partners."

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