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Big Idea | Focus on finalist - Ladder Locker

Today we focus on the third of our big idea finalists who will get the money can’t buy opportunity of tier one sponsorship - finalist number 6 is Ladder Locker.

Ladder Locker is a ladder stabilising device that allows one person to work on and use ladders safely on their own without the need to have someone else with them to hold or foot the ladder which has been proven not to work and is dangerous for both parties.

It prevents a ladder from moving in all four possible ways, levels it on uneven ground and positions it at the correct, safe angle. Ladder Locker stabilises all sizes and types of single and extension ladders. It levels the ladder while working on slopes and uneven ground up to a safe angle of 15 degrees and positions it at the correct angle of 75.5 degrees by using built-in spirit levels.

There are four ways that a ladder can move - Bottom Slip, Loss Of Top Contact, Sideways Slip and Flip (where the ladder pivots on one of the stiles and turns 180 degrees, usually from the user leaning too much to one side while on the ladder). In 2017, The Ladder Association in the United Kingdom and the Health & Safety Executive stated that all ladders must now be made wider at the bottom than they are at the top for safety and how this was done was at the user's discretion.

As long as the ladder is touching its top resting point and is level at the base by using the built-in spirit levels, then the ladder has to be at the correct angle. If the ladder cannot be made level while in the Ladder Locker stabiliser then the ground is too steep (greater than a 16 degree slope) and a ladder should therefore not be used. This technology is unique to Ladder Locker

The live final of the Big Idea will take place at this years SHL!ve event at the East Midlands Conference Centre on 29th September 2022.

To register for your ticket click here

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