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Big Idea | Focus on finalist - CoverMe

Today we focus on the third of our big idea finalists who will get the money can’t buy opportunity of tier one sponsorship - finalist number 3 is CoverMe.

CoverMe bagging system is the worlds first system that removes ladders from the equation thus helping REDUCE working at height accidents.


CoverMe - no ladders required consists of a traffic signal bag, Belisha beacon bag and road sign bags.


These are all installed and removed without ladders but with a specially designed telescopic pole. This is used to install / remove in around 15 seconds. This is considerably safer and quicker compared to around 3 and a half minutes using ladders for a traffic signal bag. 


We also have environmental benefits. Our road signs and Belisha beacon are manufactured from a new recyclable material that is very strong and can be recycled at the end of its life. This means they have a long life expectancy and can be used for years. Normally contractors use bin bags or masking paint on road signs which are not environmentally  friendly and can cause damage to the road signs which affects their reflectivity after the bin

Bag or paint is removed. This in affect can lead to more accidents without anyone realising because the signs reflectivity has been damaged.

The live final of the Big Idea will take place at this years SHL!ve event at the East Midlands Conference Centre on 29th September 2022.

To register for your ticket click here

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