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Bear Scotland highlight incursions following latest incident

Scottish trunk road operator highlights incursions following rise in incidents.

Following an unprecedented amount of incursions on the Scottish trunk road network BEAR Scotland have taken to social media to highlight the risks to roadworkers posed by motorists.

Posting on LinkedIn, the trunk roads operator said,

'Dangerous drivers put our road workers at risk of serious injury or death every day.

In the last 12 months, we've recorded 18 cases of unauthorised vehicles driving into its work sites, sometimes at speed. And 56% of our on-site team witnessed collisions with traffic management systems in the last year.

These incursions, as they're officially called, put road workers in harm's way while they do their job.

We're calling for everyone to stop taking risks around roadworks and playing Russian roulette with workers’ lives.'

As a part of the Safer Highways led Stamp it Out programme the sector is seeking to eliminate carriageway incursions and incidents of abuse, supported by both National Highways and Transport Scotland with the aspiration being an industry first Respect our Roadworkers week in 2023

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