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BAM installs Covid killing spray tunnel on site

BAM has installed “personal protection tunnels” on a major London site which sanitise workers with a Covid-19 killing mist when they enter the job.

Site workers have their temperatures checked before being sprayed from head to foot with a cloud of non-toxic sanitiser which neautralises the virus on clothes or exposed skin.

The tunnels have been installed by BAM on entrances to its plots T2 and T3 site for Argent at King’s Cross in central London.

They have been designed by personal protection tunnel firm Gateway in association with ppac19.

BAM project manager Tom Lovegrove said: “We are absolutely delighted with our new ppac19 tunnel.

“BAM strive to stay ahead of the curve and with the uncertain times we are facing our goal is to provide extra protection to our workforce.

“It is a brilliant product and one we will see more of on other sites I’m sure.”

Ppac 19 spokesman Dean Tuhey said: “The safety and health of the UK construction workforce is the industry’s top priority as contractors continue to help rebuild the economy.

“The personal protective tunnel is perfect for sites because it minimises the risk of transmission of Covid-19 by deactivating the virus particles on clothes and exposed skin.

“The overwhelming response and feedback from our first install has been great to hear from the workers on site.”

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