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Balfour begins A66 subsides search

Construction giant begins search for supply chain on £1.6 Bn job

Balfour Beatty has begun the search for subcontractors on the A66 dualing job as it looks to its supply chain to shoulder the burden £334m of the works on the scheme.

At the time the contract was announced it was a four way split, however, following a change of direction, Costain were later dropped leaving just Kier, Keltbray and Balfour to complete the job.

Billed as “one of the most critical road upgrades” by National Highways, the scheme will see a 29km section dialled on the 80km route between the M6 and A1 with a completion date set for 2029.

Balfour have unveiled a package of earthworks valued at. £142.5m with the contractor calling for “experienced firms with an established track record“ and a £34m contract for the control of traffic signals across the whole of the A66.

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