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Balfour Beatty partners with RENAISI to support refugees into employment

Balfour Beatty has teamed up with RENAISI – an independent social enterprise committed to challenging the root causes of economic exclusion– to provide skilled refugees with lifelong, safe and fulfilling careers on some of the most significant and innovative construction and infrastructure schemes in the UK.

Balfour Beatty has already offered 11 positions to refugees, nurturing their existing knowledge, and building on the skills developed in their country of origin, across various roles ranging from engineering and planning to software engineering.

Following a successful pilot in Balfour Beatty’s Transport, Energy & Power Major Projects business, the company is now rolling out its partnership with RENAISI more widely across the UK.

This latest partnership further demonstrates Balfour Beatty’s commitment to providing individuals with access to lifelong careers and attracting the next generation of talent, whilst also contributing to the company’s drive to tackle the industry’s skills shortage by breaking down the barriers that minority groups face to widen the existing talent pool.

Paul Raby, Human Resources Director at Balfour Beatty, said: “Our collaboration with RENAISI marks another step forward for Balfour Beatty as we strive to offer individuals – no matter their background – the opportunity to develop and hone their skills whilst working on some of the largest and most important infrastructure schemes in the UK.

“Through our partnership, we hope to lead the charge in inspiring others and hope that by providing secure employment opportunities for refugees, we will welcome a new pool of talent to the construction and infrastructure industry.”

Hannah Brooke, Head of Partnerships at RENAISI, said: "RENAISI takes great pride in collaborating with Balfour Beatty. They provide refugee professionals with opportunities that truly harness their skills and expertise, bringing immense advantages to Balfour Beatty while transforming lives. Together we are continuously learning from our successes and challenges to expand our impact. We encourage employers from every sector to follow their example."

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