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Average speed camera scheme on busy Devon road extended

An average speed camera scheme has been extended on a busy South Devon road.

The area around the Ware Barton junction on the A380 in South Devon – dubbed a “high harm” road by Vision Zero South West – has seen more than 2,500 reported incidents since 2019.

The extension is part of a series of enforcement efforts across Devon and Cornwall aimed at reducing the number of serious and fatal crashes.

Motorists are being warned that signs are in place and the cameras are live.

Road safety partnership Vision Zero’s South West’s long-term ambition is to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 50% by 2030 and cut them to zero by 2040.

Supt Adrian Leisk, who is the lead for roads policing for Devon and Cornwall Police and chair of Vision Zero South West, told told BBC Radio Devon: “What we’re trying to do is give people the opportunity to slow down before they enter the junction, and as a result, hopefully reduce the number of collisions.”

He said people who live in Newton Abbot have to endure “congestion, gridlock, and increased pollution as a result of people trying to find alternative routes”.

“You may have noticed a lot in the news about speed cameras in Devon and Cornwall over recent weeks,” Mr Leisk said.

“We are actively increasing our enforcement efforts across the two counties with more speed cameras and newly-employed Speed Detection Officers.”

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