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ATM taking part in Green Jumper Day on 26th November

ATM are thrilled to announce they will be participating in Green Jumper Day on 26th November.

If you haven't heard of Green Jumper Day, it's all about raising awareness about climate change, what can be done to mitigate it, and given that the world leaders think its important enough to fly to Glasgow for COP26, we thought we would sign up to November the 26th - Green Jumper Day.

All you have to do is sign up, and then on Green Jumper Day turn down the heating, wear a jumper to keep warm, save energy, save money and donate to the Green Jumper causes.

Go to and click on Sign up.

The money raised is going to really great causes, and will be slit equally between reforestation and free educational material for schools that will be used to help children of all ages learn about their planet and how to live on it sustainability.

We hope you can join us and join in with this fantastic event!

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